Looking at the Piranha Micro Maven plugin

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The Piranha Micro Maven plugin is a Maven plugin that will make your inner-loop development a lot quicker. The plugin makes it possible for you to run, start and stop a Piranha Micro instance which you can then use to run your web application.

Its core 3 goals are:

Setting up the use of the Maven plugin

Add the following plugin definition to your project POM file to make it easy to use the plugin.


Using the run goal

If you want to run Piranha Micro and have the console echo its logs use the piranha-micro:run goal.

Using the start goal

If you want to run Piranha Micro as a separate process use the piranha-micro:start goal.

Using the stop goal

If you want to stop a running Piranha Micro that you previously started use the piranha-micro:stop goal.

And that is all that is needed to start your inner-loop development!

Posted February 8th, 2022