The Manorrock JakartaEE examples project is for sale!

I purposely used this catchy title as we need your help. While the Manorrock JakartaEE examples GitHub repository already contains a lot of JakartaEE examples it still needs more help and that is where you come in! You can buy into contributing to this repository and you would be furthering both JakartaEE and your own career, so please come and join us. If you do not know how to get started shoot me an email at mriem (at) Or head on over to the GitHub repository at .

Oh, and it is already sold! We are transferring it to the Eclipse Foundation and hope to have the transfer completed soon. The license when the transfer to the Eclipse Foundation has completed will be BSD-0 style. This license was picked so you can do with these examples as you please. No need for copying the license, doing any attribution or anything else. Just copy the code and use it!

Once the transfer is completed we hope that this GitHub repository can become the defacto GitHub repository for all JakartaEE examples. Be aware if you are writing a full blown demo this is NOT the repository for you as each example in this repository is kept as minimal as possible.

Posted June 5th, 2019