The Emperor is Dead. Long Live the Emperor!

A landslide has happened in the JavaEE area of the Java ecosystem, which I want to address a little bit in this blog entry.

Is JavaEE dead?

Yes, the JavaEE that you know and that has been the underpinning of the enterprise side of Java is on its death march. Vendors will continue to support it according to their support schedules, but no new JavaEE will see the light of day. JavaEE 8 is the last one.

Is enterprise Java dead?

No absolutely not. There are multiple choices that one has to do enterprise Java. Among the choices are JakartaEE, MicroProfile, Quarkus, or any other Java framework that lets you do microservices.

So how do I migrate?

It depends on your use case on how you would like to migrate. There are numerous choices to be made and it all depends on what kind of functionality, support, runtimes and environmnets you are looking for.

Long live JakartaEE!

JakartaEE is the authorized fork of the JavaEE ecosystem and with community participation it can be the new emperor. So long live JakartaEE!

What about the JakartaEE package rename?

Any package rename is disruptive, but to be a doom sayer about something like that does a disservice to JakartaEE. I remember Hibernate 2 and Hibernate 3 where they did exactly that, and the Hibernate project survived the package rename. Sure, it is not fun having to deal with this, but it is doable!

Posted June 2nd, 2019