Why did I move my blog

Some people might be wondering why I moved my blog? Well, the tricky part about blogging, JUG visits or presentations is making sure people understand what and what is not official.

Since joining Oracle as an employee sometimes people have a tendency to think that I am an official spokesperson and/or a full-time evangelist. Far from it, I am an engineer tasked with the responsibility of maintaining and furthering Mojarra and Ozark. Both very rewarding to work on. When I do blog, visit JUGs or do presentations I do it to meet all of you. Will I be the perfect presenter? Far from it! After all my job is being an engineer!

Do I welcome feedback? Sure, leave a comment here, or email me directly. Note giving feedback indirectly will always be ignored.

So to make it 100% clear my blog is my own and presents my personal view points.

Posted July 5, 2015