Glassfish is not dead

You might have heard some folks in the JavaEE community scream "Glassfish is dead!"

As I work on 2 technologies that are going to end up in JavaEE 8 I can say that for me that is certainly not the case.

Certainly we do not do a lot of "official" releases of the RI implementation of JavaEE, but does that mean it is dead?

Not in the slightest! For Mojarra and Ozark we run integration builds using the daily builds of Glassfish!

Do I see a lot of breakage running against daily builds? No!

So if you want a more recent "release" of Glassfish just use a daily build.

After all what is a version number? You need 4.x or can it just be 4.1.YYYYMMDDHHSS ;)


Posted May 12, 2015