Maintaining Mojarra and its testing stack

Software is an interesting thing.

We currently live in a very fast paced society where changes seem to come and go. However that is really only true for consumer electronics. Most systems that consumers are hardly aware of run stacks that are a couple to several years old and for those it is not economical to change at the rate consumer electronics does.

Mojarra is a piece in such a stack. As part of my day job I have to maintain a large set of code lines for our customer base. If it sometimes looks that it is not moving forward fast enough just if you would have to support your phone for 10 years, sounds crazy right? Well for enterprise grade software that is the reality. Is that bad? Certainly not. Just keep it in mind ;)

So while innovation on Mojarra does happen, we also have to keep maintaining your older stack. And thus I have to maintain our own stack so Mojarra itself can be tested.

As part of a large migration / update I happy to report that the several older test pieces of the Mojarra build are now all in the same Maven build structure. To put it in perspective this is the culmination of work that was started in 2012. With this all in place I hope we can all be more agile in responding to issues coming from our customers and innovating Mojarra going forward.

For those that want to contribute to Mojarra, please ping me and I'll explain it in more detail.

Posted May 1, 2015