JSF 2.3 changes so far

A number of spec issues have been handled for the 2.3 cycle and I would like to call them out. Note today's list is going to be a bit longer than going forward. I intend to write up a small blog entry every week enumerating what happened that week, so we all can keep track of where we are at.

The issues handled are:

    #1307 - validator attributes TLD doc misleading
    #1304 - FacesContext.setResourceLibraryContracts() missing @since 2.2 designator
    #1300 - UIViewRoot.getViewMap() require different publishEvent() variant
    #1294 - Modify TaglibraryDoc for so that it states it only works when 
            ProjectStage is development
    #1277 - Missing client-window-factory in web-facesconfig_2_2.xsd
    #1269 - Incorrect literal string value for 
    #1268 - javax.faces.view.ViewScoped should be @NormalScoped(passivating=true)
    #1267 - Clarify meaning of null return from UIComponent.getFamily()
    #1257 - Prevent FaceletContext.FACELET_CONTEXT_KEY constant to be inlined by compiler
    #1251 - Documentation for javax.faces.application.ResourceHandler.RESOURCE_CONTRACT_XML
            could use clarification
    #1239 - HTML_BASIC components converter attribute supports converterId, 
            as well as the already stated ValueExpression that points to a Converter
    #1229 - VDLDoc for does not document rowStatePreserved property. 
            See UIData.setRowStatePreserved()
    #1218 - Validation error message for byte should state -127 to 128
    #1214 - Javadoc fails accessibility requirements for color contrast
    #1212 - javax.faces.context.ExternalContext#getInitParameter : 
            NullPointerException Restriction Needs To Be Removed
    #1186 - Many component from HTML namespace are missing 'role' attributes
    #1154 - cc:clientBehavior tag is not documented in the composite.taglib.xml descriptor
    #1081 - Missing API docs for javax.faces.validator.DoubleRangeValidator methods
    #1053 - VDL Docs Need Clarification for f:view afterPhase Attribute
    #1049 - UIColumn and PreValidate / PostValidate events
    #1044 - inaccuracy in API doc of javax.faces.application.StateManager
    #1037 - UIComponent.getFamily() not clearly specified
    #1027 - Pre/PostValidateEvent publishing conditions fixed but not documented
    #1025 - Documentation of TagAttribute#getBoolean references Boolean.getBoolean
            instead of Boolean.parseBoolean
    #964  - ExternalContext.get/setSessionMaxInactiveInterval documentation mention
            HttpServletRequest, but it should be HttpSession
    #955  - misleading javadoc in Converter.getAsObject()
    #923  - ui:define name attribute document/behavior inconsistent
    #892  - ui:repeat requires document "begin" and "end" properties
    #891  - converter and validator attributes TLD doc misleading
    #778  - Add documentation about the dynamically added h:messages component
    #633  - 'hidden' attribute from composite:attribute missing from VDL docs
    #473  - FacesEvent should have a convenience getFacesContext() method
    #441  - Subforms

Posted October 9, 2014