Support for open source

Do you have open source software that you are relying? Is the version you are using out of support? Cannot migrate to a newer version? Consider us for commercial support! Have a look at support for more information.

Our products

  1. Manorrock Aegean, our HTTP-based Git server
  2. Manorrock Calico, our online file store
  3. Manorrock Ocelot, our cloud tooling
  4. Manorrock Parrot, our GitHub workflow generator
  5. Manorrock Persian, our Maven repository manager
  6. Manorrock Sphynx, our life automation tooling
  7. Manorrock Spider, our intelligent router
  8. Manorrock Toyger, our container registry
  9. Piranha, our modern cloud runtime

Our libraries

  1. Manorrock Cheetah, our CDI implementation
  2. Manorrock Colibri, our eventing libraries
  3. Manorrock Eagle, our Key Value store libraries
  4. Manorrock Flounder, our EJB implementation
  5. Manorrock Guppy, our collection of JDBC drivers