Manorrock JSON

A light weight JSON library

Manorrock JSON is a light weight JSON library that allows you to manipulate, read and write JsonObjects. It is licensed under a BSD style license so it is free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects.

The project is available on GitHub at

Some quick examples

Example #1 - Create a JSON object and add a JSON array to it. And then print it out on the console.

        JsonObject object = new JsonObject();
        object.put("strings", new JsonArray());

Example #2 - Create a JSON object from the string. Get the JSON number as an int and print it out on the console.

        JsonObject result = Json.toObject("{\"number\":12345}");
        JsonNumber number = (JsonNumber) result.get("number");

Example #3 - Read 2 JSON objects using a Reader.

        JsonReader reader = new JsonReader(new StringReader("{}{}"));
        JsonObject object = reader.readObject();
        object = reader.readObject();

Example #4 - Write a JSON object to a Writer.

        StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
        JsonWriter writer = new JsonWriter(stringWriter);
        JsonObject object = new JsonObject();

Why are the binaries not available for download?

We believe that if you are using our code for your own purposes you should also build it yourself. As the project itself uses Maven it should not be hard to build. Just check it out from the Git repository and build it.

I found a bug how do I get it fixed?

As this is an open source project please issue a pull request with your bug fix. We will evaluate it and see if it is ready for integration.

I need support

To get commercial support, please send an email to